Migrate to the cloud! In just one weekend convert your legacy infrastructure.
No downtime or training for your staff. Integrate with minimal disruption to their working day.
Significantly boost the speed and efficiency of your legacy infrastructure - up to 10 times faster!
Quickly and efficiently convert your infrastructure from physical to virtual.
Already have virtualization? Migrate on demand!
Minimize future operating costs - never replace your hardware or software again.

Your Vision
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A Smarter Information Technology Services Offer

In today’s business climate, every minute counts. Managing your IT services can be time consuming and often frustrating. With our winning IT offer, Phoenix Network Solutions is here to help. We’ll provide your organization with all the IT services that you need – so you have the peace of mind to focus on the rest of your business.

What We Do

At Phoenix Network Solutions we support dynamic companies in their strive to increase productivity, improve time to market and gain competitive advantage by managing their IT services. We work hard – so our clients can sleep at night, knowing that their IT operations are in professional hands

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What We Offer
Our Clear Value Proposition

We do not have a “TO DO LIST”, the issues have to be solved in 24 hours
​Our strength: “No one size fits all”
​Our goal is to be 100% accessible to our clients’ businesses

Private Cloud

Phoenix the right solution

All growing businesses run into the same fundamental problems. Fast moving IT technology, changing every 2/3 years and not enough own resources to stay ahead of this development. The good news? Phoenix Network Solutions solves them.


It can be turned into an asset

Legacy IT environments represent years of investment and lie at the core of businesses. Phoenix helps companies address the barriers that prevent these systems from being agile and responsive to business needs. With the right strategy and approach a revitalized legacy system has the potential to be a foundation for enterprise innovation, productivity and growth, fuelling business transformation for the digital age.


More than a firewall

Phoenix helps your company to defeat corporate saboteurs and hackers that seek to turn an enterprise’s digital operational advantages into critical liabilities.

Network Support

Whether you are seeking to add, outsource or complement your IT department, Phoenix Network Solutions is the ideal partner. We provide your business with network support services that are custom tailored to your needs and bundled into affordable service local agreements. We closely monitor servers, network devices and applications. Our IT network support services include:


Windows and Linux x64 Base. Minimum of 8 CPUs, 8 Gb RAM and 1TB SSD.


HTTPs Web Remote Access Protocol. Clients VDI, RDP and Citrix by PAT.

Gateway & Switches

Mellanox Nvidia 100Gb Fiber Series.


Hyper-V and VMware.

Security & Routing

HA SonicWall 3600/5600 Firewall Series Symantec Endpoint Windows and Linux Protection.


HA Cluster Hosts, SANs and Firewalls.

Cloud PBX

IP Communications solutions have evolved dramatically in the last few years and Phoenix Network Solutions is here to assist businesses to properly plan, implement and manage IP communications solutions. These can return many times the original investment by way of increased employee productivity, competitive advantages, reduced communication costs and enhanced corporate capabilities. The advantages of a properly designed and installed IP Communications system are countless and include these:


Can connect Desk Phone and Cell Phone From any place with Internet Connection.

Call Recording

You can view, sort, listen to, archive and download all recorded calls on your computer.

Call Center

allowing organizations to take advantage of contact center functionality like queue penalty rules, virtual queues, queue call back, and expanded destination controls.

Sip Trunk




Disaster Recovery

Phoenix Network Solutions has partnered with Flexential Data Center Solutions a business continuity service company. We have secured a tornado-proof and hurricane-proof “bunker” style data center, fully equipped with a generator and fuel. In the event that utility power is interrupted due to severe weather or failure, Flexential can instantly switch over to their own self-sufficient energy source that is able to sustain full operation for up to 14 days. The entire data center service has been built around best practices and compliance conformity such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA and SAS 70. This facility is a readily accessible building and can serve as a mobile office where our staff can attend to our clients’ needs during a disaster situation. We also have access to the use of office suites inside the data center that are made available to our clients for free. The dual-channel fiber optic connectivity at the data center will ensure that our clients’ networks experience uninterrupted service.

Cloud Recovery

Replication and Data Protection Backup.

Recovery and Planning

Multiple ISP Fiber connection, Multiple Datacenter locations.

Always On and Connected

IT Solutions for Your Every Need

A connected enterprise should be equipped with mobility solutions, empowering end users to deliver improved productivity through fast IT tools. 

Fast information today means fast business!

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How everything started

Phoenix Network Solutions was founded in 2000 by Alex Salfatte in response to the growing need for businesses to assess their IT infrastructure in order to ensure efficiency, minimize downtime, redundancy and compliance with security and regulatory requirements. We have been consulting the Logistics, Insurance and Financial Services Industries since our inception. We make it possible for our clients to use technology as a competitive advantage through state-of-the-art software product delivery and management. Their business challenges become our business success stories.

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